Hastings Piston Rings are the best-Review

Hastings Piston Rings are the best-Review

Hastings Piston Rings are the best there is, as Hastings only makes piston rings and invest greatly in it’s advancement and manufacturing.

With 25000 Skewers, 10000 Applications and 15000 Ring Designs, no,other piston ring manufacturer can match Hasting’s quality and experience. here is a REVIEW.

Product Name/Brand -{Hastings Manufacturing }

Hastings piston rings
Hastings piston rings

Origin –{ USA}

Website – https://www.hastingspistonrings.com/

Product Application –{ Automotive}

Product –{ Piston Rings)

Industry Rating –{98-100)

VM&R.com Rating –{ 98-100}

Endorsements –{ /VM&R.com}

Availability –{ Walmart}

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Overview of Hastings Piston Rings

2nd groove ring profile
2nd groove ring profile

Piston rings are an integral part of an internal combustion engine, pivotal in the production of compression inside the engine and keeping the oil contained in the engine, preventing it from being burned.

Hastings is an American company with a 100 year history in manufacturing piston rings for a multitude of applications, namely:-

  • Cars,
  • Pick Ups
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Marine Applications

All Hastings manufacture are piston rings, with:-

  • 25000 skewes
  • 15000 ring designs

    1st Ring groove profile
    1st Ring groove profile

  • 10000 applications

Which gives Hastings Manufacturing a leading edge in Piston Ring manufacture.

As a TS-16949 and ISO-14001 registered company Hastings has all the quality assurance measures in place and are the industry leaders in their field.

Hastings Oil Ring profile
Oil Ring profile


  • 100 years experience in manufacturing Piston Rings
  • TS-16949 and ISO-14001 Rating
  • OEM for Chrysler/General Motors/Harley Davidson to name a few
  • +3 coatings on offer namely, Moly, Chrome, Cast Iron
  • Competitively Priced
  • Automotive, Marine and Industrial Applications.
  • 25000 Skewers
  • 10000 Applications
  • 15000 Ring Designs
  • On going R&D
  • Ease of Fitment


Hastings Rings
Hastings Piston Rings

Personal Experience with Hastings Piston Rings

I use Hastings piston rings as often as I do engine rebuilds, it is my 1st choice in piston rings, but unfortunately, on very rare occasions they are not always available on certain models.

Broken 1st Groove Ring
Broken 1st Groove Ring

I recall an episode, not so long ago, when a customer had his engine re conditioned by someone else, thinking he would save some money as my quote was too high at the time.

1 week after he received the vehicle with the rebuilt engine, he was experiencing massive engine oil consumption.

He stated that 3 days after receiving his vehicle it started smoking excessively.

We opened the engine and discovered premature oil ring wear, not that it was fitted incorrectly, but a sub standard quality brand was used,

I experienced many problems with this competing brand in the past and cannot understand why people would compromise price for quality on such an important job as an engine re build.

Final Opinion

Hastings Piston Rings  are the best quality available in the market today, it may not be the cheapest but it is the best.

Hastings is and will always be my 1st choice for Piston Rings, as in the case of my client mentioned earlier, penny wise and pound foolish is not the attitude to have when re building engines,

Insist on Hastings Piston Rings, in your next engine re build, I do, and never have any comebacks.

What experiences have you had with Hastings Piston Rings?, please share-

Which brand do you prefer?

Vivid Racing for all your performance needs
Vivid Racing for all your performance needs


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Until next Time “Safe Motoring”

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Hastings Piston Rings


OE Standards


High Speed Operation




Number of Applications





  • 100 years experience in manufacturing Piston Rings
  • TS-16949 and ISO-14001 Rating
  • OEM for Chrysler/General Motors/Harley Davidson
  • 10000 Applications
  • 15000 Ring Designs


  • Confusion about which coating to use on which applications
  • Not available in some Countries and Territories

Gary De La Cruz

I have been 30+ years in the motor industry, still hands on, and have great passion for my chosen profession, I learn new things each day and believe that "if you enjoy your work, you never have to work a day in your life"I believe in honesty, integrity and helping where help is needed.

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    1. Thank you for the visit and comment Roberto, yes valuable and accurate information is all important in assisting us to make better decisions about products before we take the plunge, all too often we purchase blindly without consumer knowledge and waste time and money by purchasing low quality product, All the best to you Roberto.


  1. Thanks for this quality review. I’m not familiar with this thing called piston ring but I definitely learn something new today.

    Being in the industry for over 100 years definitely shows a lot about this company and the quality of its products.

    I also like the fact that they’re constantly investing in R&D.

    Thanks for sharing this piece of valuable information. I’m sure it’ll be helpful to your readers 🙂

    1. Thanks for you visit and comments, Jerry,
      Continuing education and help with vehicle repairs and maintenance is what this website is all about, reviews, as you well know is all import as we do all the leg work and offer our findings to our visitors, good or bad, to help them make more informed decisions on the products reviewed, therefore saving time and money.
      Thanks again Jerry, all the best going forward.


  2. Many times I don’t think about specifying a specific manufacturer or company when I get my car worked on. I just assume they are putting on the best parts. I guess I’m being to naive.

    How can a mechanical novice know when to ask for specific manufacturers?

    1. Hi Rick
      I can relate as a 30+ year Auto Mechanic, with my own Auto Repair Shop for 20+ of those years, it is a matter of building trust with your Auto Mechanic, many of my customers are naive and inexperienced, others just do not really care, but as the Auto Mechanic, the onus falls om me to recommend the best, and the best is what I tried and tested over the years,
      When it comes to Piston Rings, Hastings is the last and final word.
      Thanks for your comments Rick, all the best going forward.


  3. Quality is always something we should go for and with rings like this you are sure to get high performance I believe that when it comes to our cars we should take care of them because when we do that our car will also take good care of us. great review on this outstanding product.

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment, Norman, it goes without saying that taking care of something is good common sense as it will last longer, as in our cars, it applies two fold, as we depend on it to get around and preferably without breaking down, for that would impact negatively not only on us but those we associate and interact with.Hastings is the last word in Piston Rings as the review implies. All the best Norman.


  4. Hi Gary

    Once again you have provided a brilliant review of this product. After reading this review I honestly cannot see why anyone would choose anything other than such a good product for such a important component in a vehicle.
    Thank you and I look forward to the next ones.

    1. Thanks Guiseppe for your visit and your favorable comments, it isn’t only appreciated but true to word, Hastings is the last word in Piston Rings as the review states and a 30+ year Auto Mechanic says so, because of personal experience,

      All the best Guiseppe


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