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The difference between Mechanics and Technicians

Here is an explanation of the differences between Mechanics and Technicians in the Automotive Industry, very similar tasks, many folks do not really understand the difference, here is some clarification.


A Mechanic

A Mechanic

“A skilled worker who repairs and maintains vehicle engines and other machinery/a manual labourer or artisan”

What Wikipedia says about Mechanics

A tradesman that learns a trade from the ground up, starting with menial tasks such as cleaning the workshop, keeping the tools and equipment clean and stored in its rightful place, by doing this the tradesman is learning the fundamentals of what each piece of equipment and tool is used for.

So as the Mechanic learns his trade, he is started at the beginning, by doing tasks such as learning how to use a jack to lift a vehicle off the ground and safely put it on axle stands, so as to perform repairs, requiring the wheels to be removed.


 Meet Gary De La Cruz – A Mechanic

He is taught how to remove and refit the wheel nuts and wheels the correct way, how to change motor oils, oil filters, how to fill new oil to its correct level and to make minor adjustments to improve the efficient running of a vehicle.

So he is advanced through knowledge to execute more advanced technical jobs, as he progresses, he learns the function and inner workings of each component of a motor vehicle in order to perform repairs on these components.

He is taught to use more advanced tools and equipment other than hand tools, special tools required to execute specific advanced tasks.

The more experience he has of repairing and replacing these components the more efficient he becomes at repairing motor vehicles. A Mechanic’s ability to accurately analyse vehicle problems comes over time with practice and experience.

He also learns to interact with the customer as this is fundamental in developing trust between the Customer and Mechanic.

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A Micrometer



A Technician at work
A Technician at work

A Technician

“A person employed to look after technical equipment/an expert in the technical application of science”

What Wikipedia says about Technicians

An individual who is trained to analyse electronic component faults, by using specially developed modern electronic equipment,

He has not been put through the process of learning the functions of these components from the ground up, as a Mechanic has.

He is not hands-on in replacing most of these components, only in analyzing whether the component is faulty, it is handed to the Mechanic to perform the actual repair functions.

Diagnostic tools used by Mechanics and Technicians
Diagnostic tools used by Mechanics and Technicians


Technicians were mostly popularized by the advances in electronics used in today’s modern Automobiles.

So in today’s modern times where time is money and the ability to perform diagnostics as quickly and accurately as possible, Technicians are needed and Mechanics are necessary. Working hand in hand most times to keep your vehicle running optimally.

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