Rally Cream Wax-Review

Rally Cream Wax-Review


Maintaining the outward appearance of one’s car lends value and exudes character. Rally Cream Wax makes this possible easily.

Taking pride in one’s car is often frowned upon by the younger generation, as most have the opinion that a car is just a tool, yes in some instances, but for those who still take pride in their car’s appearance will appreciate Rally Cream Wax and this review thereof.

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Rally Cream Wax – Review

Cream Wax
Special Price on Rally Wax Now

NAME:- Rally

PRODUCT:- Cream Wax Car Polish

BRAND:- Cyclo

PRODUCT No.:- 82116

ORIGIN:- Cyclo Industries USA

APPLICATION:- For Polishing Cars

QUANTITY:- 6 pack

Rally All Car Wax
Rally All Car Wax

DIMENSIONS:- 10.1 x 6 x 5.2 inches

WEIGHT:- 4.6 pounds

SPECIFICATIONS:- Silicone Montan Wax Formula

MY RATING:- 10-10



PRICE:- $31.97





Rally is a globally recognized car wax brand. Cyclo Industries purchased Rally from Clorox Corporation in 2000.

Certified : 

The management systems of Cyclo Industries Inc. have been formally assessed by International Certification and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems – Requirements.

This ensures a high-end product which is manufactured to strict Quality guidelines.

Rally Cream Wax is specially formulated with Silicone and Montan Wax, which prevents microscopic scratches to form upon application, It is a formula that goes on easily, spreads evenly and comes off easily when buffed, EASY ON EASY OFF. Even in direct sunlight.


Easily available throughout most popular Countries and Territories.

Superior formulation, including Montan wax which is extracted from brown coal and is found in only a few places, Amsdorf in Germany and the Ione Basin in California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

The Only Production Coal Mine In California



Montan Wax
Montan Wax is Extracted from Brown Coal as shown above.

Montan Wax is solvent extracted from Fossilized Plant Wax, and specially formulated with Silicones to produce a superior Car Wax, which is

  • Best Value For Money
  • Water Based
  • Can be used on Metallic and Non-Metallic Paints
  • Removes Surface Rust
  • Removes Oxidation
  • Scuff Resistant
  • Has High Water Repellency
  • Imparts an Exceptionally High Gloss Finish
  • Easy On Easy Off Formula – Even In Direct Sun


  • When left open, the contents of the tin tends to dry and the polish is left unusable.
  • The quantity per tin allows for only 3 good polishes.
  • My local Auto Store usually runs out of stock, as Rally is so popular here.

Final Opinion

In all my adult life I believed in cleaning my own vehicles, I am a proud car owner and do not easily hand over the cleaning and especially the polishing of my cars to anyone, not even my sons.

Although I do not wash and polish my customer’s cars, I do my own and have always used Rally Wax for as long as I can remember.

Below, My Personal Rally Wax Experiment, the results speak volumes for Rally Wax.


Oxidized Paintwork
BEFORE Rally Wax


Good wax
AFTER Rally Wax


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I do use Rally Wax to clean my customer’s car’s fenders when I complete any repair procedure, to eliminate any greasy hand marks.

Most times the customers complain that the area which I removed the grease marks from now makes the rest of the car look dull.

I, therefore, recommend Rally Wax to all my clients when ask to recommend a car polish.

Over the years I have tried using other brands, when Rally was not available at my local Auto Parts store, and have always been disappointed at the end results.


Want to know more?


Honda Nc750x
One of my bikes after a Rally Wax treatment


I fully endorse Rally Wax as I have for the past 30 odd years.


Where to buy


What is your opinion on car polishes? Do you polish your car often?

Can I help you with anything?

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Until Next Time “Safe Motoring” – Gary



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About Me
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Rally Wax

Rally Wax


9.8 /10

Convenient Packaging

9.8 /10

Ease Of Use

9.8 /10

UV Protection

9.8 /10


10.0 /10


  • Protects For Longer
  • Monton Wax Formula
  • Removes Surface Rust
  • High Water Repellency
  • Removes Oxidization


  • Product Dries If Package Is Left open For Long

Gary De La Cruz

I have been 30+ years in the motor industry, still hands on, and have great passion for my chosen profession, I learn new things each day and believe that "if you enjoy your work, you never have to work a day in your life"I believe in honesty, integrity and helping where help is needed.

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  1. I wish I saw your website earlier – I have owned 2 BMWs and 1 Mercedes and could have used this Rally Polish. I appreciate your before and after photos as it really demonstrates how good the product is. Best wishes in your business venture.

    1. Hello Dee
      Thank you for visiting my web site and commenting on my product review on Rally cream wax, yes it is that good and I use it all the time with stunning results, sorry you have not know about Rally earlier, but hey, that is what this business is all about, new discoveries and learning, get some Rally wax and be prepared for your next car polishing project.

      All the best

  2. That polish makes an old dull vehicle look like a brand new one! Looks like awesome stuff! I would use it.

    1. Hey Sylvia
      Thank you for the visit, and the positive comment, yeah it is excellent stuff, I do use it on my own vehicles and swear by it, always get good results.

      All the best Sylvia


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