Nissan Starter Motor Replacement-NP200

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Here is a video walkthrough of a Nissan NP200 Starter replacement, it uses a Renault 1.6 engine.

It is easy in method but what makes it challenging is the location of the starter motor, between the engine block and the exhaust manifold.

Ensure the vehicle has cooled down properly before attempting this procedure.

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Starter MotorsStarter motor for nissan np200

Starter motors are essential in our modern vehicles to allow our car’s engine to fire up with the turn of a key, imagine as in the old days if we had to crank your car engine to life.

Did You Know?

The electric starter motor was actually invented to open cash registers many years ago, then it was up sized to operate in an internal combustion engine as a substitute for the old crank handles used to start cars then.

The death of the Electric Car

This phenomena was also known as the death of the electric car, which was prefered to internal combustion engines in early years. Electric cars were cheaper, silent and clean, the only drawback was the time it took for the batteries to charge.

After the electric starter motor was invented, internal combustion engines became more popular and was the prefered mode of transport,  it was quicker to fill with gasoline and Women could also use cars, as they did not have to crank the engine to life, as this required strength and skill.

I hope you find these facts interesting and enjoy the video.

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