How To Fit Spark Plugs To Your Car Photo Illustrated

How To Fit Spark Plugs To Your Car Photo Illustrated

Let’s Fit Spark Plugs

Fitting Spark Plugs to your car does not have to be the daunting task you think it is, here is a fully photo illustrated video on how to do just that.

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A few things to remember.

  • Obtain the correct spark plugs for your car, as the wrong ones may cause your car to run inefficiently.
  • Mark the coils with numbers when you are in doubt.
  • Do not forget to put back all you removed, like coil hold down bolts, pipes, clips, covers etc.
  • Discard your old spark plugs responsibly.

Car Spark Plug
The Amazing Spark Plug


You can use your old spark plugs for fishing sinkers, as they are heavy and can easily be tied to your line.


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    1. Hello Douglas
      Thank you for the visit to my website, and the favourable comments, I take pride in anything I try my hand at, you wouldn’t believe how much time I spent on this video presentation, but in the end it was well worth it, I am about to post my latest, project, How to fit u joints to a prop shaft, a 3 part mix of video, photo’s and written titles, check it out on my website from the 20th July 2017,

      All the best Douglas


  1. Hello Gary,

    You delivered a very autodidactical video !!!

    Nice job !!!

    Just follow this path and stay focussed !!!



    1. Hello Attila

      Thank you for visiting my website and the positive comments, this is the 1st of hopefully many, including live recorded video where I will be featured executing many procedures which will be beneficial for my visitors, it is great to have you back again Attila.

      All the best

  2. It’s very good video i never new that but after have soon your video now i will be able to change my spark-plug my self i will not take it to the mechanic why should i i can do it my self now.

    thank you.


    1. Hi Abdul
      Thank you for the visit to my website, it makes me happy that my video instilled enough confidence in you to be able to change the Spark Plugs in your own car, feel free to visit again soon and browse for more procedures to help save you time and money.

      All the best

  3. Thanks Gary for this instructive video!
    I have two cars. A Mercedes (my car) and a Jaguar (my wife’s car).
    On which one shall I try it out first? On the German tank or on the Engish cat?
    Any advise will be appreciated!

    1. Hello Eric
      Thank you for the visit to my website, and the positive comments toward my video, I am happy that you now have the confidence to execute this procedure, as to which car to do 1st, the Merc, as it is my prefered type of car, the Jag comes in 2nd, Hahahaha.

      All the best, Eric

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