Engine Management Warning Light

Engine Management Warning Light

Engine Management Warning Light

This symbol on our car’s dashboard does not necessarily need to be scary, it is quit like our human bodies that gives us signs when we are about to become ill, like having a runny nose before the flue, it prompts us to action, to prevent further discomfort and high costs.


What does it mean when the engine management warning light illuminates ?, is it immediate danger ?, something that can wait or can it be ignored ?. the above picture provides one with a visual aid of what an engine management warning light  looks like in our modern cars, depending on what make and model you own. #Learn more Pictured above is one type of diagnostic tester used to diagnose the cause of an engine management warning light illuminating. Common sense tells us,
  • Red is danger, consult an Auto Mechanic Immediately, risky to drive any further, Limp Mode may be implemented automatically by the car’s electronic system.
  • Amber is something that can be checked out soon, but can still be driven further.
  • Blue/Green is informative, further information will usually accompany such notifications.
Let’s explore a little more in detail.

How It Works

When the engine management warning light is illuminated, it means the self diagnostic system built into our modern car’s electronics detects a malfunction which must be diagnosed to pin point the faulty component or circuit.

Check for other warning lights such as Alternator, Battery, Oil warning lights yourself before seeking further assistance.

Sometimes the car will be put into Limp Mode(massive reduction in power), by the car’s computer, to protect against consequential damage to other components.The car  will have enough power to safely drive to the nearest Auto Repair Center.

It could be something simple like a loose fuel filler cap or a major component that could be deteriorating and needs to be repaired or replaced.


What To Do

The only way to know the cause is to have a Diagnostic Test performed by your nearest, trusted Auto Repair Center.

Here it will be determined what the root cause is, and repair options can be discussed, 



The longer diagnostics of the Engine Management Light is prolonged, the worse the repair bill could become.

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Possible Causes

Below is a list of possible causes yet it may not necessarily be exhaustive.

  • Air Mass Meter Malfunction 
  • Auto Transmission Malfunction
  • Battery Insufficient Voltage
  • Battery Terminals Loose
  • Brake Light Circuit Malfunction
  • Broken Fan/Serpentine Belts
  • Catalytic Converter Faulty/Clogged  
  • Engine Misfire
  • Engine Ignition Coils Faulty
  • Faulty Alternator
  • Fuel LevelsLow
  • Fuel Filler Cap loose
  • Fuel Pump Relay Malfunction
  • Fuel Pump Faulty
  • Fuel Injector Malfunction
  • High Exhaust Emissions
  • Immobilizer Malfunction
  • Key Coding
  • Key Battery Low
  • Low Oil Levels
  • Oil Pressure Switch Malfunction
  • Oil Pump Failure
  • Oxygen Sensors Worn/Faulty or Wiring
  • Power Steering Pump Malfunction
  • Temperature Sensor Malfunction
  • Throttle Body Sensors Faulty
  • The Car’s Computer Itself Could Be Malfunctioning


Being better informed about the reasons an Engine Management Warning Light illuminates helps us to make better and informed decisions of how to best act accordingly, in the interest of our car and our pocket.

I sincerely hope this article helps, please share your thoughts in the comments below,

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Until Next Time "Safe Motoring"

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