How To Fit Prop U Joints-Part 3-Video Illustrated

How To Fit Prop U Joints This is the final installment of “How to fit prop u joints“, in this episode I will show you how to fit [...]

How to fit prop u joints, part 2-Video Illustrated

Let’s remove old, worn u joints. If you hear a “Clunk” noise when taking off or when changing gears as you let out the clu [...]

How To Fit Prop U Joints-Part 1-Video Illustrated

Let’s fit prop u joints. When it comes to fitting U joints to a Propshaft, many shy away, but here I will show you how easy it could b [...]

Meet Gary De La Cruz

  Meet Gary De La Cruz, the owner and Author of Vehicle Maintenance and, an honest portrayal of who I really am, and what I [...]

How To Fit Spark Plugs To Your Car Part 2 Photo Illustrated

 Let’s Fit Spark Plugs to a VW Polo 1.6 In my 1st video,  I covered individual coils per cylinder, this time I will cover an ignitio [...]

How To Fit Spark Plugs To Your Car Photo Illustrated

Let’s Fit Spark Plugs Fitting Spark Plugs to your car does not have to be the daunting task you think it is, here is a fully photo ill [...]

The Best SEO Keyword Tool-Google 1st Page Rankings Achieved

Best SEO Keyword Tool-Got me ranked, 1st Page Google Allow me to show you, how I got my post on car oil landing in Google’s 1st page [...]

Best Car Oil 101

What is the best car oil for your car? The function of Car Oil in car engines is primarily, lubrication and to assist with cooling of the ca [...]

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

I will endevour to deliver a comprehensive Jaaxy Keyword Tool review in the next few paragraphs. Including 30 keyword searches by creating a [...]

Fuel Saving Tips 101

How difficult is it to follow a few everyday fuel saving tips? In today’s harsh economy, we need to tighten our belts when it comes to [...]
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