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How To Fit Brake Pads – Video Illustrated

Fitting Front Brake Pads and Rotors.

I will share with you how to fit  brake pads to a BMW 523i fully video illustrated, with simple tools.

This car had a very severe brake shudder from 60Km/h, I analised it as buckled front disc rotors, and endeavoured to have it skimmed at my local general engineering shop

I proved that it was not necessary to fit brand new rotors which would cost 7 times as much as skimming the rotors.

Needless to say my customer was happy and was kinda proud that bits of his car was going to star in a Youtube video. So here it is.




Learn more about Brake Pads Here


Fitting Front Disc Pads

Fitting Front Disc Pads


Report Back

The car had no brake shudder after this procedure, Customer Happy, Gary Happy.


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I hope that this video lesson on how to fit disc pads and rotors to a BMW 523i was useful to you,

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