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How To Fit Prop U Joints-Part 1-Video Illustrated

Let’s fit prop u joints. When it comes to fitting U joints to a Propshaft, many shy away, but here I will show you how easy it could b [...]

How To Fit Spark Plugs To Your Car Part 2 Photo Illustrated

 Let’s Fit Spark Plugs to a VW Polo 1.6 In my 1st video,  I covered individual coils per cylinder, this time I will cover an ignitio [...]

How To Fit Spark Plugs To Your Car Photo Illustrated

Let’s Fit Spark Plugs Fitting Spark Plugs to your car does not have to be the daunting task you think it is, here is a fully photo ill [...]

Fuel Saving Tips 101

How difficult is it to follow a few everyday fuel saving tips? In today’s harsh economy, we need to tighten our belts when it comes to [...]

How to-Repair a Tubeless Puncture-Photo-Illustrated

My son came home the other day with a nail stuck in one of his car tyres, so I showed him How To Repair a Tubeless Puncture, see how here. S [...]

How to – Fit Disc Pads – Photo Illustrated

It is required from time to time to replace front disc pads on our car as it wears down, although it sounds daunting, here is how to fit dis [...]

How To – Change Car Oil – Photo Illustrated

  In this photo illustrated tutorial, I will show you how to change car oil, it is a simple task, but can bear dire consequences for th [...]
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